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HeliosPaint Is A Multiplatform, Easy-to-Use Image Editing Application

Even though image editing is a lot of fun, applications like Photoshop, which are both very useful and powerful (of course), have a very high learning curve and one requires a lot of time and effort to master. However, to enjoy editing your favorite images, you don’t have to be a master of such massive applications. If one is creative enough, they can make use of even the simplest of applications and turn simple images into beautiful a work of creativity and art. Apparently, it all revolves around the fact that how you make the best use of a particular software (and your brain). Previously, we have covered some really great image editors for both Windows and Mac, some of which I’d like to name, for instance Artweaver Free, Pix Builder, SharpShot, PhotoFiltre and SketchBook. The only drawback (to a certain extent) I can think of is that all of these applications offer advanced image editing features such as layer, support, wide variety of brushes, effect filters, configurable editing tools, image color settings etc., which not everyone’s quite familiar with. If you are looking for an even more simpler solution which can fulfill your basic image editing needs, try HeliosPaint. It is a user friendly image editor that allows you to edit image, drawings and icons.

The interface of the application is not something that will make you back off a bit in amazement, and it looks quite conventional, but it has a lot of tools available for editing images in the left side, such as the Transparency mode, Zoom and Selected area settings are in the right, while the image appears in the center. When you select a tool, extended options for different drawing and editing tools appear below the image.

tumblr_lobojeO1zX1qcngvmo1_500.png (480 x 495) - HeliosPaint

Under Tools menu, the Color and Paints window allows you to choose different colors for quick selection using different palettes and specify the default transparency of added items.

Colours and Paints

The toolbar at the left provides you with simple tools to change the outlook of the image, such as its colors, brightness and transparency levels using gradients.

Change Colours, Brightness and Transparency Using Gradients Main Image (480 x 495)

It is a decent image editing application that is aimed at folks who require straightforward usage. The complete list of features included in HeliosPaint is available on the product page. It is a cross-platform application that works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. I tested the program on Windows 7 Ultimate.

Download HeliosPaint

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