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Hibernater – Save And Resume Work From Anywhere

Have you come across a situation where you need to save work on one computer and resume it later on another computer? If you are working in office and want to continue the working session from home, what would you do? There are two solution to this problem at the moment, either you will email yourself the working file or you will copy it to the USB.

Both methods are time consuming and tiresome. Hibernater is the latest program developed to solve this problem. What it does is simple, saves the working session on one computer so that you can continue it on another computer without the need of uploading or carrying the files on USB.

So how does it work? To use Hibernater you will have to register for an account. Once done, you will then have to use the same login credentials on the computers where you want to save and resume the session.

Hibernater concept

It can also come handy if you want to save session on one computer at home and resume it on another, the benefits are unlimited. To save the working session, first launch the app, enter login details, and then hit Hibernate button. It will detect all programs that are open and save them online. Now start the app on another computer and use the same login details that you used on host computer. Finally hit Resume to load all saved work.


The above mentioned steps are for quick hibernation and resuming of work. If you want to create a profile and save each working session in it, then you can do so by going to Advanced Hibernation option. Adding sessions to different profiles make sure that your work is more organized.

advanced hibernate

There is a similar option for Resuming work called Advanced Resume which allows user to select which profile or exact app to resume.

advanced resume work

Apart from Hibernating and Resuming your current working session, it can also be used to Favorities, Histories, and Tasklist. By default it gives users 20MB of storage(15-day trial after which Hibernate feature will be disabled), to get more storage and complete list of features you will have to upgrade to pro account(which is $5 and $10 for 50MB and 100MB storage respectively for 6 months). Other features such as Favorites, Histories, and Notes will remain free forever.

Download Hibernater

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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