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Hide Folders For Windows: Protect Important Data By Keeping It Hidden From Prying Eyes

Data privacy is a major concern for everybody these days and when it comes to protecting confidential files and documents, there is a little to no room for any compromise. Despite the major security enhancements with every new iteration of Window OS (and even intermittent updates), there can still be loopholes and having that extra layer of protection doesn’t hurt. So if you’re one of those who have their “personal computer” shared among other members in the house and occasionally find their important files messed up (well, most of the time), then it’s time to step ahead and conceal them from unintended eyes. How? By simply using Hide Folders! This small tool is designed to let you protect your files/folders through a simple Hide and Unhide operation from within the application. The program itself is password protected, so no one but only you can use it. Let’s jump inside and see how it works.

To begin with, fire up the application and you will be introduced to its stylish grey GUI design. All the application functions can be accessed from the toolbar, which includes Add Folder, Remove, Hide, Unhide, Password, Updates, Help and Close buttons. For hiding your folder(s), make sure you first add them to the hidden folders list by clicking Add Folder button (or by means of drag & drop). Once added, click the Hide button to make your folders and files, disappear. The lock icon to the right side of the application window animates dynamically (lock/unlock), representing the current state of your folders (and yes you can disable it as well). Likewise, to bring the hidden folders back, checkmark the folders from the list and click Unhide.

Hide Folders

Please note that simply hiding the folder is not enough as anyone can bring them back using the application, so click Password on the toolbar to set up an application password to keep anyone from unhiding the folders when you’re not looking. Enter both the New and Confirm password and click OK.


It should be noted that files/folders hidden through Hide Folders cannot be shown through standard hide/unhide toggle feature of Windows. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7, 64-bit OS edition.

Download Hide Folders

If you liked this application, you might also want to check SysTools Folder Lock (review), a similar tool which uses Lock/Unlock operation to hide the folders.

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