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Hide, Show & Kill Multiple Windows Apps With Hotkeys Using NCS WinVisible

If you’re the only person who uses their computer, the risk of your privacy being breached is minimal but if it is shared among other members of your family or you often let your friends or coworkers use it, you might want to hide your existing computer session such as running apps and processes out of plain sight before giving others access to it. NCS WinVisible is a Windows application that allows you to hide/unhide or kill all or selected running programs using a hotkey. This very useful and unique application can also hide selected apps (including itself) so no one even notices them running. The application doesn’t have any password protection, but the ability to hide itself along with other apps makes it fairly secure and useful.

NCS WinVisible comprises a simple and easily understandable usage. When launched, it automatically scans and displays the list of all running process and programs. The application is able to hide or unhide apps only, so if you want to hide selective open folders instead, a better idea would be to just close them and reopen them later yourself. The application displays the process name, title, ID and status (visible / hidden) in the list.

There are two methods to hide or kill the programs – you can either use hotkeys or the quick control buttons at top. All you need to do is select your desired program(s) from the list and click ‘Hide Selected Window’. Likewise you can also kill the programs or unhide them in a similar fashion. An alternative method to hide or unhide a selected process is using the hotkey. Shift + Alt + H allows you to hide the selected programs, whereas Shift + Alt + S brings them back.

NCS WinVisible

During testing, we noticed that the hidden apps still remain in the memory and are kept running in the background, as one can clearly see a hidden app from Task Manager. It would have been nice if WinVisible allowed to hide the selected application from Task Manager as well, but we’re guessing that’s something Windows wouldn’t allow since that would defeat the purpose of the Task Manager for controlling and terminating any rogue apps.

Task Manager

You can easily customize the hotkeys of the app, as well as change a slew of settings under the Options window that can be accessed by clicking the small gear button on the toolbar. It carries two tabs labeled General and Hotkeys. The Behavior section under the General tab is fairly interesting; enabling the ‘hide application and tray icon when hide hotkey is pressed’ option also hides the NCS WinVisible’s window and notification icon from the system tray when hidden option is enabled. Likewise, you can also choose what happens to the hidden processes when you close this program (become visible, remain hidden or force-closed).


Lastly, custom hotkeys can be set for hide, show and kill actions. You can also disable hotkey for the Kill action, if you wish. This can be helpful if you want to avoid risking to kill apps by mistakenly hitting that shortcut.


NCS WinVisible is available for free and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download NCS WinVisible

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