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Hiding The Mini Toolbar In Office 2013

Microsoft got a lot of heat with Windows 8 and loyal Windows users were disappointed with the company’s attempt at innovation since it ended up sacrificing two of the most iconic features of the OS but Microsoft and its products aren’t all a result of trial and error. Take a look at Office 2013 and you can see the company gets a lot of things right in just the one go. The Office productivity suite has everything you could ever need to make a solid well-formatted document, spreadsheet, or presentation. What’s more is that it also features many auto-fill options and helpful pop-ups to make formatting and composing a document or presentation easier. That said, one of the chief annoyances is the Mini Toolbar that pops up in all office apps when you select text. For some, this might be helpful but it appears over the text and there isn’t an easy way to dismiss it. You can  however, disable it, if it annoys you. Here’s how.

The toolbar appears in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and even in Publisher. In Excel, if you click the text inside the cell and select it, the bar appears. In all other apps, selecting text (and not the text container itself) will prompt this mini toolbar.

word mini toolbar

Fortunately, Microsoft has added a simple solution to disable it. Click the File menu item at the top left. Users on an older version of MS Office may have to click on the Office button in the same location. In the File menu you will see a long list of sub-menus on the left, select Options.

A new window will open with options for customizing Word. In the General tab, under User Interface Options, you will see a ‘Show Mini Tollbar on Selection’ option enabled by default. Uncheck this, click Ok at the bottom and the toolbar will no longer appear when you select text. The same method works across all Office 2013 apps, and is likely to work on older versions of Office as well. You will not need to restart your Office app for the change to take effect.

Word Options

Is there something about Office 2013 apps that annoys you? Let us know and we might post a solution for it.

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