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Highlight And Manipulate/Sort Text Instantly With WinSorter

WinSorter is a portable application that allows user to remove punctuation marks, change word-cases and calculate numerical values within a text document. WinSorter can help remove spaces, underscores, full stops and convert data into capital or small letters with the option to calculate or sort information by numerical values.

The application sits in system tray. To make changes to a text document, highlight the desired text area and select a function from the WinSorter menu. For example, to convert all selected characters in to capital letters, choose the Convert SELECTION TO UPPER CASE option. The applied criteria immediately takes effect and is copied to clipboard. Which means that it can also be pasted anywhere.

By using this application, a large amount of text content can be converted according to your desired format easily. For example, if a document is completely written using the Upper Case (capital letters), you can convert it in to the Lower Case (small letters) by simply highlighting the text content within the document and selecting the appropriate option. Similarly, selected content can also be sorted numerically and punctuation marks can be removed according to requirement. Having said that, it is worth mentioning here that during testing, we experienced difficulty in calculating numerical values with accuracy when using WinSorter. This application was tested on Windows 7 64 bit –OS and works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download WinSorter

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