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Home Media Center: Stream Photos, Music & Video Across Local Network

Streaming media across a number of different devices connected to your home network is fun. With the advent of WiFi being integrated into nearly every device, such as laptops, iPhone, Android, Blu-ray players and even LCD TVs, people love to sync media files across their entire local network. Home Media Center is a server application to stream media files such as photos, video and music to UPnP / DLNA compatible devices. You can quickly and easily generate a local web host address, which can be used to get access to the files placed on your media center using a web (HTML) and UPnP interface. Supported output media files are MPEG2, WMV and WebM. More to follow after the jump.

When you run the installation wizard, it asks you to download a few required video codecs, such as FFDShow, WebM and Haali Media Splitter for the application to run properly. In case you already have these installed, you can simply uncheck before clicking Next.


Once installed, run the application to open HMC’s configuration window. It automatically establishes a network connection at the start, but you may halt the process by clicking Stop button any time. On Home tab, you can add or remove your media folders by clicking their respective buttons. Although, whenever you add or remove a directory, click Refresh database to update your media library.

Home Media Center

On the Settings tab, you can enter Device name, Port and add or remove audio, video and image encoding parameters. When you’re done, hit Apply and restart to implement your changes.


The application comes with a built-in video converter to convert a few supported media files. To convert a file, select Container – codec for video and audio, and set input and out directory for your file. You may adjust Resolution, Bit rate and Frames per second according to your need. Hit Convert to start the conversion process.


When you have properly configured the settings, click Web interface under Home tab to open HMC’s web based interface. In case you want to stream media files on another compatible device, type your media center machine’s local IP address, selected port and /web/ at the end on the web browser, for example, to access it.

Web address

The web interface comprise a neat looking green background, and contains links to the files that you added to HMC.


Each folder you added in the configuration window will automatically be linked to its respective menu, for example, folders which contain video files can be access by clicking video.

Home Media Center - Web interface

The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported.

Download Home Media Center


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