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How To Add Quick Launch Bar In Windows 7

Windows 7 offers a brand new user-interface with new eye-candy superbar. But surely, you will miss Quick Launch Bar which was available in Windows Vista, Windows XP and all older versions of Windows. Let me share an easy way to quickly add the launch bar back in the Windows 7 taskbar.

First of all, right click on the Taskbar and choose Toolbars > New toolbar.

Windows 7 task bar

Now, type the following text in the address bar and hit Enter.

%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Quick Lauch

Click the  Select Folder button and thats it, the Quick Launch toolbar will be added to the right side of the Taskbar.

Quick Launch Bar

Now if you want to adjust it to the left side of the  taskbar,  then use the dotted lines to drag it to the left side, but first make sure that you have unlocked the task bar. Task bar can be unlocked by right clicking in the task bar and unchecking the lock option.

Quick Launch bar

Quick Launch bar left

Usually the Quick Launch bar in Windows Vista and XP don’t have  text, so right-click on the dotted lines and uncheck Show Text as well as Show Title from the menu.

Uncheck text

Here is how the final Windows 7 Quick Launch will look like.

Quick Launch Final


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  • aha

    Just what I was looking for. Better than MS help. Thanks!

  • This is great thanks! Now how do I add/remove programs from the default items?

  • Samir

    You are one smart cookie! Thank you! Microsoft should hire people like you and let them do their best to help lost Windows users.