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How To Add Website Shortcuts To The Windows Start Menu Easily

You must have added Program Shortcuts in Start menu. But have you thought of adding a Website Shortcuts to the Start menu?. Instead of opening your Internet browser and navigating to the website link, you can just click on one icon to open it automatically. This can often save a lot of time and is useful if you access your email online frequently like Gmail or Yahoo mail, like I do. The below steps will show you how to add Websites to the Start menu so you can quickly access them.

If you are addicted to AddictiveTips blog, you can add a shortcut of this website on your Start menu too.  😉

Right click on the Start button and select Explore.


This will open the Windows Explorer in the Start Menu Folder.


Then in the right window pane right click and select New and than Shortcut.


A box will open , In the Type the location of the item enter the Web Site URL you want to create then click NEXT as shown below.


Now Type a name for this shortcut enter a name for the link that you want to display in the Start Menu, then click Finish.


You are now done with the shortcut.


If you want all users on the Computer to have the Website displayed in the Start menu, right click on Start and select Explore All Users.


In this way, you can pin a couple of your favorite sites and have instant access to them.

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