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How To Bookmark A Registry Key In Windows 10

The Windows registry lets you tweak features and UI elements that you can’t otherwise. It’s not an app the common user frequently needs but power users use it often enough. The registry editor isn’t built for the average user and perhaps that’s why its UI has rarely gotten much attention in terms of making navigation between folders easier. One of the many frustrating things about it is that an entire folder trees collapse when you select a different one. Navigating between different root folders is thus time consuming and annoying. If you repeatedly need to edit a particular registry key and want to be able to jump to it faster you can bookmark it in the Registry Editor by adding it to the registry favorites. Here’s how.

Open the Windows Registry. to do so, hit Win + R, type ‘regedit’ and hit enter. You will be asked if you want to allow the Windows Registry Editor to make changes to your computer. Allow it to do so. With the registry editor open, navigate to the folder that the registry key you want to edit resides in. Select the registry key and go to Favorites>Add to Favorites.


The key can now be accessed from the Favorites menu. You can’t bookmark a folder this way but if you need to jump to a particular folder, create an empty registry entry in it and add it to favorites.


If you’re looking for a faster way to open the Windows Registry, simply open it and then pin it to the taskbar like you would any other app.


A quick warning; don’t play with the registry unless you know what you’re doing. You might end up creating more trouble than you can fix.

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