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How To Browse Internet Privately And Securely Using Vanishd

Do you think someone is spying on the websites you’ve been browsing even though you have been clearing up your internet history and cache? If you are using a computer at office or public computer then your privacy maybe at stake because of spying software installed on the computer. Many Google Chrome users may think incognito mode is enough for stealth browsing but browsing with Vanished is much more than that. With Vanished you can browse any website privately and it allows you to hide the pages you want to surf.

It is a web service which camouflages or hides the website you are on with websites like Google or even Word or Excel documents so that it seems you are working and allowing you to surf the web privately when you are in office or in a public place.


To use this service, head on to their homepage and sign up for an account, wait for the email confirmation, and start browsing your favorite websites in an instant. The whole process is pretty straightforward.

sign up

While using Vanishd the webpage you browse will be covered by another webpage. When you’ll move the mouse on your browser, it will hide the underlying webpage which you are interested in. Also the size, shape and position of viewing area can be changed and also locked according to user needs. A lock appears in the lower right corner which when clicked will freeze the viewing area so that it doesn’t auto hide.

web cover

When you feel that someone is looking, you quickly move up your mouse completely from the page and Vanishd will use a cover page that will take the website place immediately.

This is a great tool especially when you are visiting your personal bank account information or reading some personal emails, it does not display a normal sized window so that you can easily move the window or hide it, by doing this you will always keep yourself protected.


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