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How to browse Youtube from your Desktop?

Uvlayer is an Adobe Air desktop application, that lets you surf and watch Youtube videos from the comfort of your desktop. The application is layed out as a canvas and the videos are treated as objects which can be grouped together to form stacks, or just fanned out randomly on the screen, or moved and thrown about.

Uvlayer allows you to create playlists in a very cool and different style than any other application. The interface reminds us of Minority Report, and that works for its benefit. You can create groups of different videos, search for them and even share them with your Facebook, Google Talk or AIM buddies. Individual videos can be commented on and related videos are shown as well (It doesn’t work for us yet). And if you’re crazy enough, you can also see countless Youtube videos at once in the same application. Every video can also be resized like on the canvas by click and drag.

uvLayer Screenshot

If you’re not willing to run the Adobe Air based desktop application then you can use the same interface on the Uvlayer website. All your videos, stacks, playlists would be synced with your account right from the desktop application to the web application and vice-versa.


One drawback of this application is that you need to be connected to the internet to view the videos as it doesn’t save them to your computer.

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