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How To Change Your Firefox Into An Email Client

In the last post we covered 2 ways to turn Firefox into windows explorer file manager. But forgot to mention that you can actually convert Firefox into a complete email client too. Instead of using MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Gmail online client, you can now check all of your emails from Firefox by using it as an email client.

To being, download SimpleMail Firefox add-on. Once installation is complete, restart your Firefox browser. Now you will see a Mail icon on the status bar at the bottom far right as shown in the screenshot below.

simplemail icon

Clicking this icon will open SimpleMail client in a new tab. Now go to Preferences by clicking the icon as shown in the screenshot below.

simplemail client

This will open up options where in Accounts tab you can set up your email account, it supports multiple email accounts(POP3/IMAP/SMTP). In General tab you can change when to receive an email, and many other options.

simplemail preferences

According to SimpleMail the  following features are included in this add-on,

* Accounts

  • Multiple email accounts
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols
  • Automatic checking on specified timeout

* Address Book

  • Autocomplete box suggests recipient names/addresses as you start typing them
  • Groups of contacts
  • Display Address book in main Simple Mail window

* Folders

  • Create custom folders
  • Drag-n-drop folders and messages into folders
  • Use filters to automatically sort incoming messages into folders

* New message composition

  • WYSIWYG editor. Customize font/color of your message
  • Smiles. Use predefined smiles or easily add your own
  • URLs are automatically converted to hyperlinks as you type them

* Appearance

  • Right-click on toolbar to choose "icons/text/icons and text" mode
  • Additional columns for folders can be turned on (unread/total/size)
  • Switch window layout by clicking on an icon in the top-right corner

* Other

  • Store your mailbox on a Flash drive
  • Sort messages by clicking on column headers

It is a great add-on that turns your Firefox browser into a complete email client. Enjoy!

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