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How To Chart Data On A World Map

If you have a boatload of data then a visual representation is the best way to showcase it. Data that shows worldwide trends or even country based trends are best shown using an actual map. These maps look good but you can’t create them in Excel or Google Docs. Map In Seconds is a web app that simplifies the process of plotting data on a world map. It lets you paste data from a spreadsheet and maps it for you. The app has support for creating worldwide maps and smaller region based ones.

Collect your data first. Open Excel or Google Spreadsheets and paste the data such that you have it two columns; one for the region and one for the data itself. Spelling matters so make sure you spell countries correctly. Don’t group countries into trade regions e.g. EU.

Copy the data and paste it in the spreadsheet provided by Map In Seconds. The map is interactive and generated in a matter of seconds. When you hover your mouse over a country or region, it shows you the data associated with it.


You can download the interactive map in PPTX or PNG format however, the download and share features can only be used if you generate the map in Chrome. The app works in Firefox but the save options aren’t available in it.

The app is awesome but it lacks in performance. It took a long time to load in Chrome to the point that I thought it had stopped working altogether. It’s a great app but it needs to be optimized. It also needs to support Firefox which is a fairly popular desktop browser.

Map In Seconds supports color themes; you can change the default blue tone to green, red, orange, purple, and even black. You can also make the map more colorful with countries differentiated by color instead of shades of a single color. The PNG and PPTX files you download are not interactive. If you want to keep the map interactive, share a link to it.

Visit Map In Seconds 


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