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How To Check And Monitor Your Laptop Battery With PowerMeter

The build-in power meter in Windows is totally crap, after fully recharging your laptop it will tell you that battery is full, but after a few minutes it will say only 75% is left. What the heck? Can’t there be a simple and reliable way to monitor laptop battery? There are many apps that  help you in determining the accurate amount of power left, but the problem with these apps is that they themselves take a good amount of resources to run, which makes them basically useless.

PowerMeter is a free tool for laptop users who wants to monitor their battery level accurately all the time. The battery bar becomes more visible as the power level reduces, when the battery is full the visibility is at it’s minimum, you can choose to hide the bar when battery is full.

When you run this tool, a PowerMeter icon is shown in the system tray along with the PowerMeter bar on the top-right side of the screen.

powermeter battery bar

When you put your laptop for charge, the empty space of the bar turns blue.

battery charging

Here are the colors and their meanings: above 80% = green, below 20% = red, in between = orange.

Right-click the PowerMeter icon or battery bar and select Settings. You can change some basic settings here.

powermeter settings

I tested this tool on Windows Vista and it worked seamlessly. It has been developed to work on all versions of Windows. The only gripe is that it’s not portable and they should work a little on it’s usability too, otherwise it’s a must-have tool for everyone who carries a notebook. Enjoy!

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