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How To Check Boot Time of Your Windows 7, Vista, XP System

BootRacer is a free utility for Windows which allow you to check your boot time instantly. Since there are plenty of free apps that does the same thing, what makes BootRacer unique is it’s ability to detect time to logon and total time to desktop. No other free software in my opinion can measure both parameters.

All you have to do is run the program and click Race It button.

bootracer main window

It will open the Race Setup and ask whether you want to check boot time every boot or only once.

boot time setup

After selecting the desired option click Next and select other options as well. Once all is done, click Start and your system will restart immediately. After you system has restarted properly and all programs have loaded successfully, open BootRace again, click Advanced, and select Display Last Results. If your computer boot time is less than a minute you will get excellent rating, otherwise not.

boot time

It is dead simple to use and takes very less system resources. Enjoy!

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