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How To Close A Stuck Program In Windows 7,Vista,XP

Do you have one or two unresponsive programs running but you don’t know how to close them? An unresponsive program can be any program on your computer that might get freeze up and does not respond to your actions, this unresponsiveness of a program can occur due to many reasons, but the main reasons include low virtual memory, low RAM or generic windows errors. Many steps could be taken to troubleshoot an unresponsive program but the easiest way is through Windows Task Manager.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc altogether, when you’re finished pressing them, a Windows Task Manager window will open up.

task manager

Select the Applications tab.

application tab

Click on the application’s name you are having trouble with,and want to close it down, at the bottom of the Task Manager window click the End Task button.

end task

This action may close the program instantly but in some situations you will get a message stating that the program is not responding, on the given options click on the End now button.  In this way Windows sometimes may become unstable and other running programs may slow down, but Windows usually recover itself by restarting the main Explorer.exe process.

Note: If the Program is not listed in Application tab, then go to Processes tab and you will find it there. Check the Description next to every process that is running, select the program that you want to end and click End Process.

Voila, you are done with the unresponsive program!

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  • bob

    vista doesnt use ctrl alt delete to open this program to close stalled programs. doh. im on a quest to find out what it is in vista that opens it…i think its got esc in there somewhere.

    major fail on your behalf pooter doodes.

  • Bob it does, when you press ctrl + alt + del, it will give you a list of options, among them select “Start Task Manager” and you are in.

  • This is how i usually deal with not responding programs, but this time the program does not close in any way. Any other advice/tip?

  • hugh

    can,t logon to internet explorer

  • hugh

    can,t logon to internet explorer

  • hugh

    can,t logon to internet explorer

  • Eric

    Hi, Thanks very much for that Windows 7 is a PITA but this helps a lot, thanksssss

  • thankies!

    thank you so much! (:

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  • tryecrot

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  • Ratman

    Windows vistas task manager is opened with shift+esc

  • GeneralBrwni

    anybody know what I can do if this doesn’t work?

  • OMG! this really helped me a lot. thanks 🙂

  • It Worked

  • pissedoffnotresponding

    doesn’t always work and why does task manager go into not responding genuis

  • Maira

    this was perfect thank you

  • dave v.

    and when the ”voilà” task manager trick doesn’t works and the prog is still stuck in it?

  • John DeMaio

    and when this doesn’t work?

  • Mai

    The administrator restricted me to use task manager, how can I end the program/process without using task manager?

  • I know how alt-control-delete works. I’ve known since I stumbled on the so-called soft-reset in 1994. If task manager were successfully shutting down the program in question, I wouldn’t have been looking for this. The problem is that I’ve got a program that tends to run up to 2 gigs RAM (I design games. I’ve got enough RAM, but I need a bigger processor). It will not shut down and I can’t force shutdown.