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How To Convert Music Videos In Flash Format(FLV) Into Mp3 Songs

Did you just download a song from YouTube or any other online video site? Now suppose you want to listen to this song on your iPod or any other mp3 device, or maybe you want to add it to your music playlist. The best way to do this would be to convert this music video in flash format (flv) into mp3 format. There is a nifty little free tool called Hash FLV to MP3 Converter that can do this job.

Run the program, click Add files button or press Ctrl+A to add flash music videos to the list.

Hash FLV to Mp3 Converter

Once all videos have been added, click Convert to Mp3 button or press Ctrl+M to being converting these videos into mp3 format.

converting flv to mp3

Once completed, click OK. The mp3 files will be stored in the same folder where the video is located. You can also use this tool to convert video podcasts in flash format into audio podcasts. Enjoy!

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