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How To Create A Free Self Extracting File In Windows

BananaShrink is a free portable self-extractor for Windows that lets you create self-extracting compressed file instantly. Unlike other self-extractors, it keeps your sub-directories structure intact. This is a better solution since it avoids the use of any specific file compression format.

Just run BananaShrink(no installation required), select the folder which you want to compress, and click Create self-extracting.exe button to create a self-extracting file. To view the contents of the folder, click List all files.

banana shrink self extractor

Now to extract the self-extracting file you just created, open it just like you open any other file, select the destination where you would like to extract the files, and click Extract. By default it will extract the files in the same directory where you have opened it.

banana shrink extract files

According to the developer, BananaShrink files are slightly bigger than zip format (1% to 5% bigger but most of the time around 3%) but…
1) BananaShrink creates self-extracting compressed files!
2) Self-extraction speed is slightly faster (around 10%) than zip uncompression!
3) BananaShrink compression is 2 times faster than zip (Max level) compression!


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