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How To Create A Shortcut To Lock Your Computer In Windows 7/Vista

I have to lock my computer every time I need to go somewhere, since going to Start > Arrow >Lock takes a lot of time, I have made a desktop shortcut for it to make things easy. Here is how you can make one too.

Right-click anywhere on your desktop, select New > Shortcut. Here type,

rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

just like it’s shown in the screenshot below.

create shortcut

In the next step name this shortcut, for e.g, Lock Computer.

Lock Computer

Click Finish and you are done. Now next time you want to lock your computer, simply click this shortcut. That’s all. Enjoy!

Note: If you have a Windows keyboard you can press Windows Key + L to lock instantly. Thanks to Scott for pointing this out in the comments.


  1. Just pointing out that it’s way more work to create a shortcut and have to click it than to just tell people the built-in key combination of Windows-key + L does it already. And if those people can’t figure out where the windows key is on their keyboards, they surely cannot create a shortcut.

    •  i use it all the time. I have set the computer to login automatically when the it boots, then I have added LOCK SHORTCUT to STARTUP folder.

      this way i can start the pc & go do some other stuff, when I am back it is fully loaded & locked. Just unlock & start working.

    • Oh yea we know what’s it called. But what about those who are newbies? If I write Windows Key-L those who are new to Vista will keep finding it all day long.

      Anyways thanks for taking your time to leave a comment. Fixed for you 😉

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