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How To Create A Windows 7 / Vista Password Reset Disk

Creating a Windows 7 / Vista password reset disk can really come in handy if you forget your account password more than often. With it, you can easily reset your password and get right in to Windows 7 / Vista. While there are ways to recover lost passwords without a password reset disk, they are often complicated and time consuming. Be proactive by creating a password reset disk today. With a password reset disk, forgetting your password will no longer be a problem.

Click on Start and then Control Panel.

control panel

Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link.

user account

Now select User Accounts from the control panel.

user link

In the task pane on the left,  select Create a password reset disk link.

create link

When the Forgotten Password Wizard window appears, click Next. You will need a portable media before being able to create a password reset disk. This means that you will need either a flash drive or a floppy disk drive.


In the I want to create a password key disk in the following drive drop down box, choose the portable media drive to create a password reset disk on. Click Next to continue.

media option

With the disk or other media still in the drive, enter your current account password in the text box and click Next.


Windows Vista will now create the password reset disk on your chosen media. When the progress indicator shows 100% complete, click Next and then click Finish in the next window.


You can now remove the flash drive or floppy disk from your computer. Label the disk Password Reset and store it in a safe place.

How To Use Password Reset Disk

Plug in the USB drive you used to create the reset disk, and boot Windows Vista normally, at the login prompt click Reset Password and click Next at the Reset Password Wizard.


On the next screen, select the drive letter next to The password key disk is in the following drive list and click Next.


Type a new password, and type it again in the confirm field. Also type a hint that will remind you of the password if you forget it, click Next then click Finish to close the wizard.

Now log on to Windows 7 / Vista with the new password.

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