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How To Create Reflection Of An Object In Photoshop [Tutorial]

It is common to have mirrored reflection when displaying products on different mediums, i.e. websites, posters, flyers etc. The effect can be achieved in countable steps within Photoshop. It can be easily accomplished when the product shot (picture) is straight. But again, if there are different angles involved with the shot, the effect can be achieved with a little bit of complication.

Lets have a look at this HTC phone. We will add some reflection to it, to make it look more appealing and convincing at the same time.


First of all, create a new document in Photoshop (Ctrl+ N), keep the pixel dimensions to 640 x 480. Import the cell phone image into the document and place it in the center. You can use the transform tool which we have covered in the previous tutorials to adjust the dimensions of the phone. You have to carefully cut the background of the phone using the crop tool, so that the product image stays sharp and realistic reflection can be produced.


Finally, when you are done cropping your image should appear like this, while disabling the background layer.


Now duplicate the image layer (Ctrl + J). (Layer 1 in this scenario).


Using move tool simply rotate your layer so it looks upside down and drag it to the bottom.


Final image should look like this.


Now we will add a gradient to the copied layer. Open the blending options of the layer by simply double-clicking on it. Check gradient overlay and reduce the opacity to 70%. Leave the rest as it is.


Once you are done with the blending options, you will notice a gradient overlay effect on the layer.


Finally, you will have a reflection added to the image. We will add a little bit of gradient to the background to make it look more appealing.


Now we will add a gradient using the gradient tool , to the background. Pick foreground color # 63a5ef.


Finally, you have added a reflection to the image with an appealing background to it.



Enjoy adding reflections to images to make them look more appealing. Feel free to ask for more Photoshop tips.


  1. This “how to” seems like a recipe for a photoshop disaster.
    If you rotate the image you don’t have a reflection. If you look at the “reflection” you’ll notice that the phone buttons are not mirroring.

    Instead of rotating the new layer you should do a vertical flip or, if you really are fond of rotation, you should have an horizontal flip after the rotation.

    The rest of the article was interesting thanks for it

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