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How To Defrag Whole Disk Or Specific Files With Defraggler

When someone says defragment, it is usually understood to defrag the whole disk. This is because almost all 3rd party software for Windows allow you to defrag the whole disk. Defraggler, if you haven’t heard of it before is an excellent defragmentation tool that lets you defrag specific files and folders. It is developed by Piriform, the company behind both CCCleaner and Recuva and is Windows Vista compatible.

As far my test shows, Defraggler is the fastest defragmentation tool out there. To being defragmentation, open the tool, select the drive and click Analyze.

defraggler main

Once the analysis will finish, it will show you the visual drive map along with the fragmented files.

defraggler analyze

Click on File List tab, select all files that you want to defrag and finally click Defrag Checked button and you are done.

defrag defraggler

The whole process took less than 15 seconds with Defraggler, and the same process with Windows default defragment tool took 45 seconds. So you can see who is the clear winner here. Enjoy!

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