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NexusImage: Dims Background While Viewing Image

Many image viewers come with too many options and features and give less emphasizes to the overall aesthetics. Contemporary applications doesn’t include features which ultimately enhances image viewing and other relative features. Unlike other applications, NexusImage is a portable image viewer which mainly focuses on enhanced image viewing experience.

Apart from the basic options and features, it includes a nice slide bar at the right-side for navigating through the images and has an ability to dim the background area to give out a better focus on the image. As it offers mobility, you can carry it anywhere along without any need of installation. For first time usage, launch the application and right-click to select Open File. It also supports simple drag and drop behavior, thus populating list with images is a cinch. On inserting a image in a viewer it will instantly dim the background and show image with the rip-less navigator on the right side.

nexus image2

You can click on a specific image in the navigation bar to instantly show it in viewer. You can control the dim light intensity along with configuring other basic options by right-clicking in the application window.

desktop level dim2

From right-click context menu, you can also perform other operations some of which includes; rotate image left or right, set image as desktop, caption image, etc.

If you’ve been looking for on image viewer which mainly leans more towards enhancing viewing rather than providing too many unnecessary features and options, give it a shot.

All Windows based OS are supported, testing was one on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download NexusImage

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