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How To Directly Backup Computer To Windows Home Server 2011

In a previous post we explained How To Configure Backup Options In Windows Home Server 2011. In this post we will tell you how to directly backup your connected computer to your Windows Home Server 2011.

Open the Launchpad from the Start menu and login with your Windows Home Server user account.

Start Menu_thumb[2]

After logging in, select Backup from the Launchpad.


This will provide you an option to start the backup process. Click Start Backup to continue.

Start Backup

You will be prompted to keep a name for the backup for easy identification, when you attempt to restore your system. Enter a description and hit OK.

Step 2

This will immediately backup your system to the home server.

Step 3

You will be informed when the backup process is successfully completed. You can use this backup to restore your system (if required).

Step 4

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