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How To Disable “Drag To Close” For Modern Apps In Windows 8

Windows 8 includes a lot of changes in the way apps are handled. Since the OS is created for both tablets and PCs, some of the UI enhancements are suitable more towards a certain device. For instance, in order to close the apps, there is no longer the famous “x” button. Instead, you have to grab the app from the top and pull it down to close it. Another major change in Windows 8 is that desktop also works as an app. So, you can close the desktop app in the same way (by dragging from the top). It is possible to close it accidentally, say, when you quickly drag your mouse to take a screenshot. In this post, we will explain how to disable the “drag to close” feature of Windows 8 to avoid accidental closure of apps.

Other than closing the app down, dragging it from the top also lets you snap it to the left and right side of your screen. Disabling drag-to-close will also disable the snap functionality.


To achieve this, we will be using Skip Metro Suite app. It has options to Skip Start Screen, and disable all the hot corners individually, including App Switcher (Switch List), Drag-to-Close, Charms Bar (top right corner), Start Button and Charms Bar (lower right corner). Select the Drag-to-Close option and click Save Settings. Keep in mind that if you disable the hot corners for Switch List and Charms Bar, you can still access them using the keyboard shortcuts, Win+Tab for Switch List and Win+C for Charms Bar.

Launch the app, check Drag-to-Close checkbox and click Save Settings. Now, clicking and dragging an app from the top to bottom will no longer close the app. In fact, it will not even move the app around. You can now easily take screenshots and or perform other tasks on your desktop without the risk of closing it.

Skip Metro Suite

We have reviewed Skip Metro Suite before, but at that time it only allowed you to Skip Start Screen and disable the Switch list and Charms Bar. The latest version has more options with separate settings for top and bottom corners and drag-to-close functionality.

Download Skip Metro Suite

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