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How To Disable Error Reporting In Windows XP

Does your program keep crashing your computer every time and then ask you to report this error to Microsoft? Once my Opensource Photo Editing Tool crashed, I got a pop-up message from Windows asking me to report this error to Microsoft. Let me be straight here, I don’t understand how Microsoft will help improve this software which it has no idea about. I find such error reporting totally useless.

For the past 2 years I have been reporting such errors to Microsoft every time they popped up, and still they didn’t improve anything(I think error reporting feature has been made to make people believe that Microsoft is listening to everyone). If you are sick of such error reporting messages just like I am, it is time to turn it off.

Follow these simple steps to disable the error reporting when a program crashes.

1. Right click on My  Computer and select  Properties.


2.  Navigate to the Advanced Tab in the System Properties dialog.


3. Click on Error Reporting button on the bottom right side and then click on Disable Error Reporting. Make sure that “But notify me when critical errors occur” is checked, like it is shown in the screenshot below.


This make sure that it reports to Microsoft if something critical happens with Windows, but otherwise it wont bother you every time some program or application fails. 🙂

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  • Beryl Meads

    It takes far too long to get rid of a not responding error reporting off the screen.

  • Beryl Meads

    It takes far too long to remove Error Reporting {Not Responding off the screen.