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How To Disable New Desktop Email Alerts In Outlook 2010

When you receive a new email, Outlook 2010 displays a desktop alert showing the email sender, subject and a few lines of the body as well. This feature can be very useful but what if you are working in a shared environment, where others can see the emails that you receive? Here are the steps to disable the Email Desktop alert setting in Outlook 2010.

Here is the screenshot of the alert which appears when you receive a new email.

New Email OUtlook 2010

Now disabling this feature is pretty easy and is a single step process, you will see the Outlook 2010 icon located in the system tray if you have Outlook opened. Right click this system tray icon and uncheck the New Mail Desktop Alert option.

Uncheck Desktop Preview Outlook 2010 Now Outlook will no longer show the desktop alerts when new emails arrive.

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