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How To Download And Stay Up-To-Date With Latest Chromium Builds

We all know about Google Chrome, but what about Google Chromium? Chromium is an opensource version of web browsers from Google. By downloading the source code, you can create your own web browser from it. If you are a developer and looking for daily builds of Chromium, you can find both Linux and Windows versions here.

But going to this link daily and downloading the latest version does not make sense, since you will have to check it out multiple times a day to see whether the latest version is out or not. This is where Chromium Updater comes in, it notifies you every time a new version is added, and includes a build-in download manager.

chromium updater main

On the main screen it will show your local version of Google Chromium build and the latest version available for download. You can re-check the remote version by clicking Check. To download the latest build simply click Download, it will be saved in the directory defined in Settings.

chromuium updater settings

You can also change other settings such as download installer or achieve, delete old version after downloading the latest version, start program with windows, etc. Note that this tool itself is quite old, but the latest version contains bunch of fixes. Enjoy!

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