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How To Find Hidden, Biggest, Or Duplicate Files Inside Any Folder In Windows

There comes a time when the files inside the folder becomes cluttered. The content of the folder becomes so mixed up that it’s difficult to browse. This is where Simple Directory Analyzer comes in. It is a powerful tool that finds, analyzes and then displays the list of all file types in the directory, list of duplicate files, list of hidden files inside the folder. It is also able to sort your files by name, file type, location and size. It also enables you to draw graphs from your collected information.

In short, it helps you find out what exactly is in the directory by finding and analyzing the content inside the folder. To run this program, drag any folder you want to analyze and drop it inside this tool.

Note: To run this tool .NET framework 3.5 is required, so install it first before running this program.

Simple Directory Analyzer

The main window shows the total files in arranged order. You can view different information about the content inside this folder by clicking different tabs: File Types, Duplicate Files, Hidden Files, Biggest Files, and Report.

Below you can see an example of two windows, Duplicate Files and Biggest Files.

duplicate files

biggest files

It’s so easy yet powerful tool suitable for anyone running Windows. Enjoy!

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