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How To Fix Stuck Downloads In The Windows Store App

The Windows Store app doesn’t yet boast a large population and for many Windows users, a majority of their favorite apps still reside outside the Windows Store. The app also isn’t that great when updating your apps and can often get stuck so that an app is stuck in download-limbo. You’re left unable to download and update all other apps. Closing and reopening the app, and even shutting Windows down and turning them On again will not fix your problem. The only solution is to clear the Windows Store app’s  cache. Here’s how.

There’s two ways to clear the Windows Store cache, one is something of a soft reset while the other is a hard reset. In either case no data is lost. It’s a good idea to go with the soft reset first and see if that fixes the problem. Make sure the Windows Store app isn’t open. Open the run dialogue via the Win+R shortcut and paste the following;



A Command Prompt window will open and the app icon in the title bar will have the Windows Store logo. Nothing will appear in the window but don’t close it. When the cache has been cleared, the Windows Store app will open and the Command Prompt window will close on its own.


If this hasn’t fixed the problem, you will have to resort to the hard reset. Open Command Prompt with administrative privileges. Type the following in it;

wmic useraccount get name,sid


Carefully read the SID for the username that you want to clear the cache for. Next, open Windows Registry by typing regedit in the run dialogue. Go to;


Look for the folder named the same as the SID for the user you want to clear the Windows Store app cache for and delete. Now restart you system and all downloads from the Windows Store app will be cleared.


Start downloading an app again and this time, it should download without a hitch.


  1. ayo thanks for saving my forza horizon 3
    to the person who found out how to do this… i fucking love you ma man

  2. Thanks I was downloading a game and it got stuck, Now its working again THANKS your such a lifesaver!

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