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How To Get Vista Thumbnail Preview In Windows XP

There are plenty of people who cannot upgrade to Windows Vista but would love to have cool looking Aero feature in Windows XP. One of the coolest feature in Vista is the thumbnails previews that comes when you roll over your mouse on a particular taskbar element. With a tiny application called Visual Tooltip you can get them in Windows XP too. With a few changes in settings you can make it work just like it does in Vista. Read on to find out how, after the jump.

How To Install

Download Visual Tooltip from here and extract the files in your Program  Files directory.

program files

Now open VisualToolTip.exe, select English from the list of languages and select OK.



How To Configure

Left Click on the Visual Tooltip taskbar icon and select Options.


The default settings of this utility makes the thumbnails look rather cumbersome and small, to increase the default size of the preview, set the sliders to increase it.


On the same thumbnail tab in the the options window, Uncheck the Size proportional to target window option.


Now on the Display tab, Uncheck the option Show Windows Title.

show window title

And you are done! Enjoy a flavor of Windows Vista in your XP system. Don’t forget to share your comments.

Alternate Software

Alternatively, if you find it difficult to tweak Visual Tooltip, than you can use a nifty little utility called Visual Task Tip, which does pretty much the same job without any tweaking.


All you have to do is to download this utility and Run it, it’s pre-configured and does its job well.


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  • Jure

    It dosent show “transparent” windows =(

  • Patch Kara

    4 words review = unique,ugly,featureless and cangetbetterinfuckingtime!