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How To Hide Or Show Application Icons On Your Windows Taskbar

Is your Windows taskbar just like mine which is full of different programs? Do you want to add or remove some programs from the Windows taskbar so that it can suit you better? Maybe you use an application from your Windows taskbar and it just vanished away? Or maybe you want an application to display permanently and not hide away?

If you have any of the above problem, then this is how you can solve it. By the way, removing the application from the taskbar does not delete the application, which means that it just gets removed from the taskbar, but the application can still be accessed by going to its original location.

1. Right click on the Taskbar and choose Properties.


2. Now a new windows will open called “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”, now on the Taskbar tab you will see “Notification Area” below. To always show both the active and inactive applications, you can uncheck “Hide Inactive Icons”.

Click the Customize button on the bottom right corner and a “Customize Notifications” box will open, now change the settings of each application.


3. Now you will see a list of both active and inactive applications. You can now change the behavior of each and every application: Hide When Inactive, Always Hide, Always Show. The list is divided into two categories, Current Items and Past Items. Current Items are those applications which are set to start automatically when Windows start. Past Items are those which have been removed or are no longer available.


Direct Way Of Accessing “Customize Notification”

If you are a quicky like me who wants to access “Customize Notifications” fast then here is a quick way for you.

Simple right click on the clock in the Taskbar and Choose Customize Notifications. Thats it 🙂


I always found Windows Security Alert  to be a headache, it keeps popping up telling me that my computer it at risk, or my computer needs an update. So I have disabled it manually as shown in the screenshot below.


Did this post help ? Looking forward to hear from you. 🙂

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