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How To Hide The Task View Button From The Taskbar In Windows 10

Windows has always had a task view and Windows users have used it for ages via the Windows+tab keyboard shortcut. This task view lets us cycle through all open windows (on Windows 7 & 8/8.1) and quickly switch to a different one. With Windows 10, the task view in addition to showing us all open windows, also shows us the desktops we have open and lets us switch to and open other virtual desktops. It’s presence is made more apparent in Windows 10 with the addition of a dedicated button next to the search bar. The Windows+Tab shortcut still works perfectly though. If you aren’t a fan of the task view button, and prefer to stick to your keyboard shortcut using habits, you can hide it from the taskbar. Here’s how.

Right-click on the taskbar and in the context menu, uncheck the ‘Show Task View Button’ option.


The Task View button will disappear immediately;


Let’s see what the implications of this change might be; for desktop users, the Windows+Tab option is still there so this button is no real loss. For users who are going to switch to Windows 10, the button itself will grab attention and get them to explore the new task view and learn about virtual desktops. Apart from that, it isn’t going to do much for them and productivity isn’t going to suffer.

For tablet users though, the button is pretty important. In the absence of a physical keyboard, that button is the easiest way to switch between apps. Hiding it is likely to result in a downgraded experience so tablet users are better off keeping it visible.


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