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How To Identify DirectX Issues On Your PC

Having DirectX related problems can cause a number of issues on your PC. It can be anything from being unable to run Aero on Windows 7 to run time errors. In this post we will tell you how to identify your DirectX related problems and what can be some possible solutions. Particularly, regarding your display card drivers.

To see your DirectX version and to identify possible problems go to Run in the Start Menu and type dxdiag or dxdiag.exe and hit enter. This will display information regarding your DirectX version, PC name, processor, memory, bios,  page file information,etc. This will also allow you to check if you have the right DirectX version to run a specific application.


By going to the display tab you can see information regarding your display card to identify its elaborate properties. For example if you are being unable to run a game that requires your display card memory to be 500MB than it might be the case that your display card does not meet the basic memory requirements. You can resolve this by e.g., allocating more shared memory from bios to your display card.


Similarly you can identify and resolve conflicts related to your sound card and input devices. In case there is an error for example with your sound card, display card or an input device, it can be seen in the notes section.


You can also save this information in the form of a text file by clicking on the Save All Information button.

Text File

You can use the Dxdiag utility to not just identify Directx related issue but also for any driver problems related to your peripheral devices. This utility helped me identify Aero related problems with my old desktop when I realized that my display card does not have pixel shader 3.0 which is one of the prerequisites of running Aero in Windows 7. Many PC games and High Definition multimedia based software applications also require some basic drivers and display card requirements that can be easily identified by using this DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

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