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How To Increase Your System Performance And Stability In High Load Situations

If you are true geek, there will be multiple programs, processes, browser windows or tabs, etc running on your computer. When you are running multiple applications your computer load increases, when the load is high your system might become unresponsive. To unfreeze your system you should check my previous post, today we will discuss preventing a system from getting stuck in the first place.

Process Lasso, if you have never heard the name before, is a small handy utility that increases your system performance in high load situations, therefore preventing your system from crashing or becoming unresponsive.

When you run this program it works in the background(there is an options to start it during startup), when the load increases, it detects the process that is taking maximum load and decreases it’s priority. Please note that it not for replacing task manager, even through it has some task manager capabilities.

process lasso main window

It has an easy to use menu system that allows for process defaults and other options.

process lasso menu system

You can add the priorities of every application manually.

process lasso default process prorities

This tool handles everything itself, weather you are playing a game or doing some multi-tasking, your system will never freeze up. When an application priority is lowered a balloon notification shows up in the system taskbar.

ballon notification process lasso

Overall it’s an excellent tool that you must try if your system gets slowed down or unresponsive during high load. Enjoy!

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