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Keep Your Software Setup Packages Updated Automatically

Recently I came across a small handy tool called Ketarin which automatically downloads the latest version of the software setup packages for you. Suppose you have installed VLC Media player on your computer, now you can run Ketarin and track VLC Media Player by adding it to the list, if the new version is available it will automatically download it for you.

In short, it does not keep your system up-to-date, it only downloads the latest setup packages, thus keeping your setup packages up-to-date.

Once you have downloaded this tool, run it(no installation required). You will see a screen similar to the one shown below.

ketarin screenshot Now add the applications whose setup packages you want to track by clicking Add New Application.

add new application

Enter the application details, the download link(so that it will check the download link to search for latest files), or you can add FileHippo ID.

There are some good number of options too, you can choose if you want to delete previous version of software or not. You can avoid beta versions of software by clicking Avoid. Finally click OK and your application has been successfully added. Now click Update Now button on the main screen to update all your application installers. Enjoy!

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