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How To Lock A Program Or Windows Application With AppLocker

AppLocker is a free tool for Windows that lets you lock any program or application instantly. If you are an administrator and don’t want other users to access certain programs, then you can lock them using this tool. You can lock multiple applications at once.

Just run this tool and you will be shown a list of common applications installed on your computer. To lock any an application, just check it and click Save.

application locker screenshot

Once an application has been locked, it will become inaccessible and the following message will be shown every time somebody tries to access it.

locking a program or application

To unlock any program, run the tool again, uncheck the application and click Save.

By default only 10 common applications are shown on the main window, if the application that you want to lock is not listed, you can add it to the list by going to Configure. To add a new application, type the name of that application and it’s executable file name, and click Add.

application locker configuration

If you want to lock access to a program on a network, run this tool from administrator computer and the program that you want to lock must be in the shared folder. That’s it. Enjoy!


  1. Yah Yah..but i’am gone supposed to lock that applocker anyway..its just open without asking any kind of password..

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