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How To Make A Window Remain Always On Top

Recently a friend of mine asked a question, how to make Firefox window remain always on top of other windows? This is a very common question for all those users who want to keep an eye on any one window at all times.

There are various tools developed solely for the purpose of making a window always on top, but I am not covering them here due to various reasons. One of the reason is that you have to make sure the program is started with Windows in order for it to work.

So what method do I use to make an important program window or browser window, such as Firefox or Safari remain always on top? The answer is simple, PowerMenu. It adds extra useful options to the right-click context menu, among the options are Always On Top.

Just right-click the window and select Always On Top to make sure it is on top of all other windows. You can make multiple windows on top since there is no limit. I hope this helps all those people who are wondering for an easy way to make a window remain always on top. Enjoy!


  1. Doesn’t really work in Win7. Most of the windows don’t get the extra context menu items, not even most 32-bit programs (I’m using 64-bit W7). If you use transparency once, then ironically the window “hook hangs”: all functions become non-responding, have to close and re-open the program.

    You have any (W7 & 64-bit compatible) alternatives? Especially with such a low memory footprint? (Granted, this is a hook, so its mem resources are scattered, partly as handler or somethin’ in the active window process)

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