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How To Monitor MSN Messenger Chat Activity In Your Entire Network

Do you have a network at home and want to monitor all chat activities of your family members? Sometimes one must monitor the chat activity of their kids to keep them safe. There are many other uses of monitoring chat activities. I have found few software that do such jobs, but nothing comes close to Unipeek MSN Monitor. It is a powerful free monitoring tool designed to both monitor and save chat messages instantly.

After you have installed this software it will ask for the type of network adapter, select the suitable adapter that has been installed and it will automatically start the test.

type of lanOnce properly installed, it will then start monitoring all users who login to their MSN Messenger on the network.

monitor msn chat

You don’t need to be a networking expert to use this software, it is pretty easy to use making it more easier for novice users. If a user signs in on his msn messenger in the network, he will automatically be added to the list and you can monitor his activity.

If you are away from your computer, the program sits in your system tray bar monitoring all activity, you can see the complete report whenever you come back.

unipeek monitor tray bar

Here are some key features of this software,

  • Real-time and 24/7 MSN chat monitoring
  • Automatically archive MSN messages for future reference
  • Export messages of a custom time range
  • Customize MSN account list to be monitored
  • Unique Conversation Matrix showing account relations
  • Support emotion icons, message font size and color.


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  • Dig

    This program only monitors a network if this program is installed on a Gateway PC, it will not remotely sniff another PC connected to a router/gateway

    • Would you please suggest a tool that does exactly what you described? : )

  • waste of time

    Yes, and I am SURE that the user of whichever PC you put this on won’t see the little notification bubble pop up… or just close the program. What a complete waste of time.

  • Annoyed comment reader

    @waste of time

    RTFA! -.-