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How To Name App Groups In Windows 10 Start Menu

App tiles were a great addition in Windows 8, they were live and always updating with the latest news or notifications. In Windows 8 you could easily group several tiles together for a cleaner more organized Start screen. Good times. Windows 10 has a fresh take on the Start menu but it retains many of the Start Screen features such as grouping and resizing the live tiles. The new addition in Windows 10’s Start Menu is that you can name your app groups. The group title bar serves as a great way to drag and rearrange an entire set of apps.

Rearranging apps is simple enough; click and drag them around to break them away from their current group and set them in a group of their own. Right-click the app tile and go to the resize option to make it smaller or larger.

Notice that when you move your mouse over the dividing area just above a group, a black box with an ellipse appears. Click it and it can be edited. No name is given to app groups by default and they are instead kept empty. Type a name and click outside the box.

name app group

The app group is easier to reposition if you drag it using the group’s name bar. All app tiles go with it.


Here’s to hoping they might add a background color feature to the group name bar to make it more appealing, visually.

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