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How To Initiate A Secure Yahoo Messenger Chat With Rocksyhoo

Yahoo! Messenger is a popular communication platform for many internet users. What they do not realize is that their communication is not secure, since the messenger does not use any type of encryption. Any computer sniffing tool can intercept and log the conversation that happens on Yahoo! Messenger.

Rocksyhoo is a free anti-sniffer tool for Windows that provides encryption for Yahoo! Messenger. It does not prevent the sniffer from functioning but ensures that what sniffer reads is pure junk(unreadable text). According to the developer, “Rocksyhoo will encrypt each message before it is sent and will decrypt that message after it is received on the destination computer. Both users must have installed Rocksyhoo and use the same password established by agreement in private or by public key protocol.”

When you run the tool for the first time, you will be asked for the Username and Access Password. This username and password is not for Yahoo, so don’t be confused.

rocksyhoo access password

Click Skip, since you haven’t assigned any Access Password yet. Now a default screen will load with no Yahoo contacts in the list.

rocksyhoo main screen

Both you and your contact must have installed and running Rocksyhoo and use the same Access Password. You can establish different passwords with each contact from the list, Rocksyhoo will remember them. To assign a new Access Password, go to Contact and select Protect Contact List.

protect contact list

To add a contact to the list, run Yahoo! Messenger and initiate a communication with your friend. When you send the first message, it won’t be encrypted but then a message will ask, “Do you wish to securely communicate with <contact name>?” and prompt for a password.

Note: Remember that if you are using Rocksyhoo and your contact is not using it, then he/she will receive junk message(unreadable text). Thus, this tool must be running on both sides in order to have a secure conversation.

For more, please read the Rocksyhoo Help document on their website. It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!


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