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How To Protect Your Computer From USB AutoRun Virus

If you are reading this post, there is a high probability that you have been stuck by an Autorun virus, or the so called autorun.inf virus. It is a type of virus that spreads itself using the Autorun feature in Windows. The best way to avoid yourself from getting stuck by Autorun virus is to disable the Autorun feature, but disabling it will require some modifications to the Windows Registry. And what if you want to enable the Autorun again, later disable it again, and repeat this process frequently?

USB AntiAutorun is a free portable tool designed specifically for the prevention of Autorun virus. It runs silently in the system tray, to disable the Autorun feature right-click the icon and select Actions and then select Disable Autorun For All System Drives option.

Disable autorun for all drives

To enable Autorun back you can uncheck this option again, it’s that simple. You can also select this tool to autostart during startup and run command file on removable device attachment.

usb anti autorun settings


  • 100% Clean and Portable
  • Very low system resources consumption
  • Wide settings abilities (included ability to run ad domain)
  • Ability to make ANY work with attached device at moment of attachment using command file, defined by user.



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