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How To Put Your Laptop Into Automatic Hibernate Mode When Running Windows XP

To help conserve battery power and save your documents while you away from the laptop for an extended period of time you should use the automatic hibernate capabilities of your laptop. Once you have made these changes your laptop will always go into hibernate after a set time.The secret behind hibernation is that before you turn off the laptop, everything you are doing with the computer is saved. When the computer is turned on again, it recovers from hibernating by reloading all the saved information and restoring your laptop to exactly the same condition it was in before it went into hibernation.

From the Start menu open the Control Panel and go to the Power Options.


Select the Hibernate tab and then check Enable hibernate. Click Apply.


Once you choose the method you want to use to activate Hibernation mode, you can click OK to close the Power Options Properties dialog box. When you do so, you’re all set to use Hibernation mode at any time.

But you want to decide on a time period for when your laptop will hibernate, then select Power Schemes tab . Once your laptop has been idle for the specified amount of time, it will go into hibernation automatically.


These features make most sense if you use a laptop. You can take advantage of Hibernate features which reduce the drain on battery power when you leave your laptop running. You can leave your laptop in a hibernated state for as long as you want. Even if the batteries eventually drain, the system returns to where you left it after the laptop is plugged in and started again.

Hibernation mode requires hard drive space. So you should be aware that when hard drive space runs low, it’s possible that Hibernation mode won’t work.

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