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How To Record, Edit, And Burn Audio Files With Free Audio Editor 2009

Free Audio Editor 2009 is the most powerful audio editor I have come across that is both free and easy-to-use. I mentioned that it records, edits, and burns audio files, but actually it does a lot more than that. You can crop any piece of audio file and merge two different audio files, apart from that you can record your own audio and mix it with some background music. You can reduce noise with ‘Noise Reduction’ feature or add tons of custom effects. The build-in Text-to-Speech feature actually works pretty well and seamless.

When you start this software for the first time you will see a welcome screen where you can select what to do. You can start with a new file, new recording, load audio from CD, or convert Text to Speech.

welcome to free audio editor 2009

To record an audio you will be shown a Recording console where you can select the Device, Line In, and Input level. Once ready, hit record to begin recording, you can pause it anytime. Clicking settings will take you to more detailed preferences.


To convert Text to Speech this tool uses Microsoft Anna Speech Engine. In Synthesize speech window enter the text and hit Synthesize speech button to begin.

synthesize speech console

To edit a file, open it from a CD or  your local drive and begin editing it with full set of advanced features. It not only edits in seconds but also in milliseconds, that’s why I call it a ‘Photoshop for Audio’.

crop music file Click the image above to enlarge

It has a build-in batch converter, but the only downside is that it’s not free. You will have to upgrade it to Deluxe version to be able to use this feature. Overall, it’s a kick ass audio editor with all features that I can think of. Enjoy!


  1. (If anyone is still llistening out there, let me add that I need NO OTHER FEATURES…I need only to truncate the ends of of lengthy audio files, so outside products that do lots of fancy stuff would not be necessary…!)
    Thanks again!

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