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How To Remotely Manage & Fix PC Issues With Soluto

Last year, we covered Soluto – an anti-frustration utility for Windows that allows users to optimize system performance by disabling those applications, services and scripts etc, which bog down the system startup process. Since our review, this utility has seen quite a lot of changes and improvements including Soluto’s Windows error/crash handling mechanism replacement, Lighten Web Browser (feature to disable Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer add-ons & plugins), option to keep track of crashed applications and more. Soluto has just launched a new web-based application (currently in invite only beta), which enables proficient users to manage their friends and family PCs, and provide technical assistance in resolving routine PC problems without having to establish a remote connection over internet. Read on to find out how Soluto can help you fix your friend/client’s PC problems.

Soluto web app takes an offbeat approach for finding and troubleshooting PC problems; all you need is to add your friend or client’s PC via email address. Once the PC access is granted, it displays all the technical information required to find and solve potential system exceptions, errors and crashes, recommend applications that a user may need to install in order to optimize PC health, and web browser specific options to enhance internet browsing experience and so on. Not only does it list down essential applications like anti-virus, media codecs etc., to resolve the issues, it also lets you remotely install them on connected PC with a single click. The whole process of installing applications is distraction-free, and doesn’t disrupt connected user’s workflow.

You can watch a brief scenario-based video to understand the core usability of Soluto web utility, below.

Soluto lets you add a total of 5 PCs. You can also add your PC to remotely manage the applications, web browsers, keep track of boot time etc, using the web interface. To add your friend’s/family/client’s PC, login to your account, click Add Someone in People I help section, and then enter user’s email address that you want to assist. Now, click Send to send the PC access request.

soluto invite

Once the access has been granted, you can access and control different elements of your friend’s PC from Dashboard. Click the user in People I help section to view Frustrations (system errors and crashes), Apps ( which user may require to solve the issues and to boost performace), Background Apps (applications and scripts that load with system startup), Internet (installed Web browser add-ons and plugins), Protection (Windows Firewall status, anti-virus last update, Windows updates), and Hardware (info on CPU, RAM, Motherboard, GPU, Hard drives etc).

soluto main int

Each section is self explanatory, and provides a host of options and tweaks that you can remotely apply to connected system. For instance, if you’re resolving internet-related issues, you may want to install Internet Explorer, and disable some Firefox/Google Chrome extensions. Likewise, the Frustrations section helps you find the root cause of exceptions and errors encountered by the connected user.


The Apps section lets you silently install applications to connected system. It includes a wide range of applications that user may need to fix the problems including Audacity, PDF Creator, Picasa, Dropbox, Adobe Reader, Teamviewer, OpenOffice, Skype, Paint.Net, VideoLan VLC, Spotify, iTunes and more. Clicking the app will display a brief description and total amount of disk space available on connected system. Just click Install to begin the remote installation of selected application.


Perhaps, the biggest advantage of Soluto Dashboard is, that it allows you to check and enable/disable Windows Startup items with a click. Since Soluto automatically categorizes Startup items into different groups including Safe to Remove from Boot, Potentially Removable, Removed, Required (can not be removed), to help you easily disable those extra items which slow down the Windows startup process. You can also disable potential malware apps and scripts that run on Windows startup without having to run a never-ending system scan.

background apps

The Internet section caters to all the installed web browsers and their settings. You can enable/disable installed extensions, change default browser, edit homepage URL, switch between default search engines and check the internet connection.


The Protection section enables you to check currently installed anti-virus suite, turn Windows Firewall On/Off and install essential Windows Updates. In case the connected system is deprived of anti-virus suite, you can choose to install Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG Free on your friend/client’s system.


The Hardware section gives you an insight into connected system. It provides detailed system information ranging from CPU, RAM, Network, connected monitors, installed drivers to connected monitor, battery health, current system temperature, disk space usage and more. Underneath the basic information, it shows the disk space usage and partitions, installed network adapters, Processor and Motherboard model and type, USB ports, Multimedia devices etc.


Soluto desktop app keeps user updated with modifications done to his/her system. When you remotely install an application, modify system settings, change Startup item list etc., it sends a notification to connected user, showing the changes that have been made to the system.

connected pc 1

Clicking More opens Soluto desktop app, which shows the newly installed applications, along with changes and other tweaks that have been applied. The Break Up Relationship button lets user disconnect the connection with his/her assistant.

soluto conn main 2

Since Soluto gives only limited access to system in order to prevent data theft and other like attacks, your assistant doesn’t have access to personal information, documents, images, internet browsing history and other private files.

All in all, Soluto provides power-users with a simple, yet powerful web-based utility to help their clients, family and friends troubleshoot PC issues, install essential applications, optimize Windows Startup, remove superfluous web-browsers’ extensions, etc.

It must be noted that the new Soluto is in private beta testing phase, and you need to sign up for Soluto Dashboard to get the access code.

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