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How To Remove Candy Crush From Windows 10

Candy Crush seems to be a bane that has plagued Facebook for a long long time. Fortunately, for those that aren’t fond of breaking virtual candy pieces or having an oddly deep creepy voice encourage them with the word ‘Sweet’, you can turn these notification off. You’d think that was the end of it but Candy crush doesn’t go away that easily and the latest space it’s invaded is your desktop, your Windows 10 desktop to be precise. If you’ve upgraded to the newest versions of Windows you know that Candy Crush is a default pre-installed app that comes with Windows 10 and the uninstall option isn’t available. Here’s how you can rid your system of it.

We’ve covered how you can remove default Windows 10 apps but here are the exact directions for removing the Candy Crush app. Open an elevated PowerShell window. Type PowerShell in the search bar, right click it and select run as administrator.

Run this command;

Get-AppxPackage -Name king.com.CandyCrushSaga


You will get the following screen where you can pick out the package name.


Next run this command;

Remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName

Where PackageFullName should be replaced with the name you got for the app from the previous command.


Run the command and within seconds Candy Crush will be removed from your system. You won’t need to restart your PC for the change to take effect. To confirm that the app is gone, type it in the Search bar and the result will show Candy Crush in the ‘Store’ section of the results instead of the installed available apps section.


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