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Remove Program Shortcut Or Desktop Shortcut Arrows In Windows 7 / Vista

Honestly speaking, I do love Windows 7 / Vista but there are so many small awkward stuffs around that makes it look just stupid. Desktop shortcuts is one of them. Have you ever noticed a large arrow on lower-left corner of the icon in every desktop shortcut program? I hate this arrow, and if you have same feelings like me, welcome to the post where I am going to teach you how to remove it in the most easiest way. There are two methods, tweaking the registry and through a software.

Tweaking Your Registry – My Favorite Method

Note: Make sure that you make a backup of your registry before tweaking. This post explains how to make a backup easily.

To begin, type regedit in the Start Search inside Start menu.

regedit start search

Once Registry Editor windows is open, under Edit click Find. Or click Ctrl + F if you are a geeky like me.

Now under Look at, remove all checkboxes except Keys, and search for Lnkfile as shown in the screenshot below.

registry edit find You will now find a registry called IsShortcut, delete it proudly, restart your computer and you are done. πŸ™‚

Alternative Method(Software) – For Lazy People

Simply Download Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover, it is a little freeware application that does only one job, resize that small tiny arrow or remove it completely. If you think that the arrow it too large and want to make it small or completely remove it, this software will do the job.

windows vista shortcut overlay

Select your options, click Apply and you are done. πŸ™‚

Note: The name of the program will be FxVistor, so don’t get confused, just search for it in Start search and you will find it there.

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