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How To Run Windows Application/Program Under Different User Account

Before we begin, first lets understand why does a user need to access some programs under different account. There are some applications who’s advanced settings can only be accessed through the account which was used to install it. For example. you used Account B to install an application and are currently using Account A, now you want to access the advanced settings of this application, will you do? The only way is to switch to different account, change settings, and finally switch back, but now there is an easier way to do it.

Advanced Run is a free utility that adds “Advanced Run” option to right-click context menu, with it you can open any program under any windows account easily.

advanced run context menu

You can select the user account under which you want to open the application, you can also different profiles to enhance security.

advanced run  - run program under different account

It works on both Windows XP and Vista, but sadly 64-bit  versions are not currently supported. You can also open a program under different account in a network. Suppose your computer(administrator) is connected with a printer, if you are using some other computer on the network, you can open Printer with Administrator account and print any document easily. Enjoy!


  1. Very interesting indeed.  This brings the security of GNU/Linux to Windows.  It’s common practice in the Linux world to run applications under a specified user account for security reasons and this is more or less the LInux “sudo” command.   It baffles me why Windows doesn’t have this security measure built in…

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