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How To: Save Energy By Reducing CPU Usage

Granola is a simple Power Management tool which reduces CPU usage slightly to save energy. While not gaming or designing, your CPU still uses more energy than needed when browsing the web or using desktop tools. Do you want your CPU to waste energy while you are browsing GMail or playing a YouTube video? We believe not.

Running Granola requires no technical knowledge, just launch it up and you will be shown the percentage of CPU energy saved. When launched, it automatically reduces the CPU energy depending on the Settings defined. By default it is set to Medium, i.e, MiserWave, but the slider can be moved from Lowest Speed to Highest Power.

Granola main

On the main interface, it shows some basic information, such as number of kWh, money, and CO2, that will be saved yearly. You can change the values, currency, reporting, and CO2 units from settings.

Even though it can comes useful, we are skeptical of the way it calculates the saved energy. Also, since it reduces the overall CPU performance (we are not sure if it reduces the GPU energy as well), it left us wondering how it will fare in systems where Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is running and using Hardware acceleration to play H.264 videos. Any thoughts?

Download Granola

It is available for both Windows and Linux. For more, also check out Power Plan Assistant.

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